Welcome to Sugar Valley Airport!

Sugar Valley Airport provides an environment for the community that offers diverse support for those interested in education and activities regarding general aviation, arts and crafts, or who enjoy a pleasant place to relax and experience the beauty of nature. Fly in, drive in, camp out!

Check out photos of the fun-filled ArtOberfest held 10/7/16. See video highlights of the wonderful Girls in Aviation Day held on 9/24/16, hosted by Women in Aviation Intl. See also the Rowan Aero Modelers Society films: their Fun Fly at Sugar Valley and an aerial view of the airport.

See highlights of the 2016 Sapona Council Boy Scouts Aviation Camporee. Check out Ray Fredette's extraordinary video of Sugar Valley Airport. See Calendar for events.

Besides being a beautiful place to visit for friendly folks who love airplanes, the Aviation Center at Sugar Valley encourages flight training and careers in aviation. There are abundant resources at Sugar Valley for those looking to learn about aviation or hone the skills they already have. We are pilots helping each other become better pilots, while enjoying and supporting the unique general aviation community.

Want to know more about the Friendship Fire Circle, sponsored by the Honda Flying Club and Sugar Valley Airport? Would you like to order a brick to make a lasting difference to aviation and the community?

Of Interest to You:

Need hangar space for your beautiful bird? Check this!

Sugar Valley Ground School: The fall session will begin on October 28, and is held on Friday nights from 6:50 - 9:00 p.m. Two-hour classes for 12 weeks. See the flyer for details and the calendar for class schedules. Offered free of charge in support of the general aviation community. For more info or to register, call Sugar Valley at (336) 998-3971 or instructor Sandra Smith, AGI, at 409-6796.

Regionally-acclaimed artist, Craig Richards, holds painting classes at Sugar Valley on Fridays, 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. For details, call (336) 655-4888 or email artistcraigrichards@gmail.com.

Winston-Salem Relish article: Sugar Valley Airport: A craft and aviation hub.

Check here for a calendar of other projects and events.

The Civil Air Patrol Sugar Valley squadron features a special speaker each month, including Maj Joshua Cunningham with his presentation on "Making the CAP Difference for Life." These events are open to the public. Please see Calendar for details. Some members from the region completed a series of trainings for Wilderness Advanced First Aid. Read more and see a video. Read also about "The Untapped Potential of the Civil Air Patrol," written by a CAP cadet skilled in Emergency Services.

A major focus of the CAP unit at Sugar Valley is the Cadet Program for young people, ages 12 - 18. See additional information, as well as the cadets' perspective on the program. If you are interested in learning more or in becoming part of the Sugar Valley squadron, please call the SVA office for more details: (336) 998-3971, and visit the Sugar Valley Composite Squadron website.

For more information call
336-998-3971 or email Aviation@SugarValleyAirport.org